German to English 
Transforming your text to reflect its precise meaning and give you a full understanding of the document/s before you.
In addition to being a native speaker of both languages, I hold a PhD in German Language and Literature and have in my own research studied many of the kinds of texts I transcribe and translate.  I will go out of my way to give you not only an accurate translation but also to find correct contemporary spellings of place names and contextual information to give you a full understanding of the documents before you. 
Handwritten and printed historic documents (letters, manuscripts, genealogical records, etc.) in a wide variety of scripts

Area of Expertise



Transcription of handwritten and printed documents into English, including from most German dialects and Austrian and Swiss German.
I do this work with your needs in mind. When you contact me, I may begin by asking questions to get a clear understanding of what you hope to get. Once I fully understand the scope of the work I will provide an estimate on cost and time. If I believe there are less expensive options to meet your goals, I will suggest them. If you have a large assignment and cost is an issue, I will gladly spread an assignment out over time to make the work more affordable for you. Click on  Contact above to get started.

Skill, Experience, and Expertise